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Anglo Design provide a range of high quality oils for cleaning and lubricating metal working fluid systems to gain maximum productivity out of your machinery.

Soluble Cutting Oil
Anglomoil Soluble Cutting Oil is formulated from solvent refined mineral oil and specialised additives to form a stable emulsion for general cutting and grinding.

For overall performance Anglomoil Soluble Cutting Oil contains emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and lubricants.

Soluble Cutting Oil EP
Anglomoil Soluble Cutting Oil EP is a heavy duty, high EP, soluble oil that forms a highly stable, semi translucent emulsion when mixed with water.

Straight Cutting Oil
Anglomoil Straight Cutting Oil is a high performance, medium duty, non-staining neat oil based on solvent refined mineral oils and specialized functional chemistry.  For overall performance Anglomoil straight cutting oil contains corrosion inhibitors and extreme pressure lubricants.

Semi-Synthetic EP
Anglomoil Semi –Synthetic EP is a heavy duty, high EP, Semi Synthetic Soluble Oil, which forms a highly stable, clear micro emulsion when mixed with water.

Slideway Oil
Anglomoil Slideway oil is available in ISO 32, 68 and 220 and is recommended for both vertical and horizontal slideways where high quality demulsifying slideway lubricants are required.

Anglomoil Slideway Oil contains PTFE which enhances the fluids load carrying capacity providing for a quieter operation, reduced friction and less wear.

DW Fluid
Anglomoil DW Fluid is a solvent-based corrosion preventative with excellent moisture displacement properties. DW Fluid provides excellent penetration to free rusted, frozen or stuck parts.

Forming Oils
Anglomoil Forming Oil consists predominantly of C11-C12 paraffins and naphthenes.  Deep hydrogenation gives this solvent a very low aromatic content, negligible amount of reactive impurities a low, sweet odour.

Contram CB –1
Contram CB–1 is a Low alkaline concentrated metalworking fluid system cleaner designed for use during the process of fluid disposal and recharge.

Anglo Design oils ensure efficient and effective cleaning of metal working fluids in your machines. Anglo Design information and contact details

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