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Impactor Grease from Anglo Design

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The Impactor Grease features as one of the many high quality lubricants from specialist oil manufacturer  Anglo Design .

A No.1 NLGI grease with calcium sulphonate base and part synthetic base oils, the Impactor Grease has been specially formulated to be used in rock hammer joints, bushes, spring shackles, universal and CV joints, sliding links and pivots, etc, especially under wet conditions. It is also particularly suited to be used in wheel bearings of off-rad equipment.

The Impactor Grease contains molybdenum di- disulphide and graphite to enhance the load carrying properties of the calcium sulphonate soap and tacky polymers to improve adhesion.

Calcium sulphonate greases are noted for very high drop point - 300°C in the case of the  Impactor, and for extreme resistance to water penetration and corrosion.

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