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Compressed air treatment equipment from Anderson Pneumatics

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Anderson Pneumatics  offers an entire gamut of rotary vane air compressors, reciprocating piston air compressors, compressed air receivers, compressed air treatment equipment and construction pneumatic equipment.

The compressed air receivers supplied by Anderson Pneumatics is an operationally efficient compressed air system. The air receiver allows moisture to be collected easily and has capacity ranging between 150 litres and 1240 litres.

Anderson Pneumatics offers various models of compressed air treatment equipment including CompAir F series which is a benchmark in refrigeration dryers and ensures optimum performance and flexibility. The CompAir high efficiency filtrations is used for variety of applications including high efficiency general purpose particle filtration, odour and oil vapour removal filtration, high efficiency dust filtration and oil removal filtration.

The CompAir condensate management provided by Anderson Pneumatics has condensate drains, oil and water separators and emulsion splitting systems. Anderson Pneumatics supplies ultrasonic quality air refrigeration dryers, compressed air purification package with pre filter, after filter, condensate drain and heatless absorption dryer.

Anderson Pneumatics services and sells construction pneumatic equipment and mining pneumatic equipment including Atlas Copco which has a handheld rock drill that aids in completing work faster.

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