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Andatech supply breathalysers for clubs and bars

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Andatech Corporation Pty Ltd , a pioneer in the consumer market for breath alcohol testers, is encouraging owners of bars, clubs, entertainment venues and other establishments that serve alcohol to install a fixed or bartop coin operated breathalyser machines.

The Andatech AL3500F works like other vending machines, with step by step audio and visual cues to direct users. It is equipped with fuel cell technology and offers high rate of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) accuracy.

To begin the alcohol test, the Andatech AL3500F dispenses a cylindrical straw for the user to breathe into so the sensor can calculate alcohol content. The BAC results are provided within 10 seconds.

The compact bartop design of the Andatech AL3500F is unobtrusive and allows for privacy when testing. It can be placed on the top of a bar, on a corner table, or mounted on a wall.

According to an Andatech spokesperson, the coin operated breathalyser is being well received by owners of bars, clubs, pubs and entertainment venues because the device enables them to promote safe driving in a way that doesn’t impact their bar revenue. Most establishments that serve alcohol realize most of their profit from drink sales.

As a coin operated breath test, the Andatech AL3500F also offers alcohol-serving establishments an additional means of earning supplementary revenue because once they make the initial investment of purchasing the breathalysers, they retain all the earnings from it. This earning incentive motivates staff to encourage patrons to use breathalysers to determine their blood alcohol concentration before getting into their car to drive.

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