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Andatech Precision Breathalyser from Andatech Corporation

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Andatech Corporation  is headquartered in Australia and is a leading distributor of personal as well as professional breathalysers.  

A recent report by NCETA has found that overall, 3.9% of the drinking workforce reported having missed a work day due to their alcohol use, 6.6% reported attending work under the influence of alcohol and 10.2% reported usually consuming alcohol at their workplace.  

A drinking workforce poses a large risk to workplace safety and productivity in any commercial or industrial environment.  

Andatech Precision breathalyser is designed to help combat the problem of workforce under the influence of alcohol from a pro-active stance to prevent alcohol-related workplace injuries.  

Andatech Precision breathalyser is a state-of-the-art alcohol testing device manufactured to AS/NZ3547:1997 standards that uses an electrochemical fuel cell to measure the concentration of alcohol from the exhaled human breath.  

These breathalysers are specifically designed to endure high volume testing while retaining precise levels of accuracy.  

Andatech Precision breathalyser is easy to use and operates with a 4-digit reading.  

A platinum electrochemical fuel cell sensor with advanced SONIX micro controller technology minimises time between tests.  

If alcohol is present, the Andatech Precision breathalyser will pick it up before the employee enters the workplace.

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