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AMT’s 10-year anniversary edition

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The Australian Manufacturing Technology (AMT) published by AMTIL has released a special edition on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the magazine.  

The special edition AMT magazine features some of the major highlights from its archives including breaking news of new technologies, government initiatives, case studies, industry news, insights from industry leaders and more.  

Highlights of the special edition AMT magazine  

‘The cars of a new Australia’, an article by Sen. Kim Carr covers the technological advancements in car development and how the concepts of 2011 are the luxury extras of 2012, and the standard features of 2013.  

Heather Ridout, in the article, ‘Prepare your business: carbon pricing is on the way’, writes about the Federal Government’s carbon pricing scheme, and how businesses need to start understanding the cost of their exposure to carbon pricing and work towards minimising it.  

The article by Dave Oliver from the AMWU looks at how big policy decisions by the government from a domestic and international perspective will shape the manufacturing industry in Australia for many years to come.  

In ‘Clean start energy matters’, Heinz Dahl, Director of Commercial Operations & Marketing of the World Wind Energy Association explains how manufacturing opportunities in the sector are directly related to economies of scale.  

An article titled ‘Clean Technology Investment programs’ covers various clean technology programs initiated by the Australian Government to provide incentives for business to reduce emissions and invest in clean energy.  

‘Renewable energy – what does the future hold?’ an article by Nina Hendy explains how renewable energy is an increasingly viable source of business for Australian manufacturers.    

The special edition devotes a whole section to cutting tools with articles including ‘Macro considerations for cutting tool selection’, ‘Today’s tooling – where is it heading?’ and ‘What’s new in tooling’.  

Coverage on AMTIL includes A look inside AMTIL, Shane Infanti AMTIL CEO report, ManufactureLink, Advanced Manufacturing Capability Alliance, Be part of Innovate 2012 at Austech 2012 and Technology and Knowledge Connect.  

The new AMT magazine also features articles on forming and fabrication including techniques, equipment selection and sheetmetal manufacturing processes.

The special edition covers new trends in Robotics & Automation, Energy Management, Supply Chain Planning, CNC Controllers and Software in great detail.  

The AMTIL Forum articles include Forum OHS: Uniformity of Worksafe, Forum Finance: Finding extra cash for your business, Forum Quality: Simplifying ISO 9000 compliance and Forum Law: Personal Property Securities Law Part 3.

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