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Amtex Electronics offer many standard models of DC DC Converters and can also provide customised solutions for almost any project requiring adequate DC power supplies, large or small.

Amtex Electronics' DC DC Converters
  • DC DC converters single output 1 - 5KW
  • DC DC converters PCB mounting
  • Open frame and enclosed DC DC converters
  • Encapsulated PCB mounting DC DC converters
  • High density power modules 50 - 700W
  • Half brick and full brick power modules
  • Rail approved DC DC converters
  • Rack mount DC DC converters
  • N+1 redundancy solutions
  • Industrial grade DC DC converters
  • Single in line ( SIP ) low power DC DC converters
  • Regulated and unregulated DC  DC converters
Amtex Electronics' range of DC DC converters are suitable for use in a broad range of applications. 
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23/11/12 - Amtex Electronics introduces its new range of security power supplies.
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30/08/12 - The new HBL 1K6 Series, available from Amtex Electronics is a heavy duty range of AC/DC switching power supply systems.
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22/07/11 - Amtex Electronics introduces their new range of configurable AC/DC Power Supplies, the FlexPower Series, which features 10 different chassis and 44 different output modules.
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21/07/11 - Amtex Electronics introduces the FCM400 medical power supplies designed for the medical industry.
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25/05/11 - Amtex /TDK-Lambda has launched a line of 1600W front end power supplies for use in data centers, wireless base stations, industrial automation, telecommunications and a variety of other applications.
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