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Versatile FLT93 stainless steel switches for harsh applications

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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration introduces a new range of switches from Fluid Components International (FCI) designed specifically to withstand harsh environment applications.

Recommended for use in marine vessels, offshore platforms, refineries, terminals, tank storage and chemical plants, the robust SIL-2 rated FLT93 Series switch features a no-moving parts flow/level sensor housed in a stainless steel package and NEMA 4X enclosure, ready for punishing work involving heavy marine seawater, acidic or alkaline fluids, corrosive exposure and washdown cycles encountered in a wide range of industrial processes and plant environments.

Key features of the field-proven FLT93 switches include air/gas flow or point level measurement provided on exposure to seawater, salty air, harsh process fluids and heavy washdowns; flow/level sensors in stainless steel, Hastelloy or other exotic metals for demanding service environments; and choice of insertion or inline mounting, faster response or high flow rate capabilities, and optional sanitary service.

The continuous exposure of ordinary flow/level switches to corrosive seawater and air is an issue aboard offshore oil/gas platforms and large floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels as well as other types of marine cargo and passenger ships.

The FLT93 switch with its stainless steel construction and NEMA 4X rating performs highly dependable flare gas and safety relieve valve leakage measurement as well as many other tasks including vessel boiler air flow monitoring and HVAC leak detection.

In oil/gas refineries as well as many chemical plants, flow/level instruments are exposed to a wide range of harsh catalysts, solvents and other corrosive fluids including dirty methane and hydrogen sulphide gases that over time can affect measurement accuracy in less robust instruments. The rugged design of the FLT93 makes it a perfect fit in these harsh conditions, requiring virtually no maintenance over a long service life.

The FLT93 switch is a dual-function instrument that indicates flow and temperature, and/or level sensing in a single device. Dual 6A relay outputs are standard and are assignable to flow, level or temperature. Based on FCI’s thermal dispersion expertise, the unique sensor technology of the FLT93 switches, combined with FlexSwitch temperature-compensation circuitry, introduces unparalleled performance capabilities:

  • Exclusive flow accuracy as precise as ±2% of the setpoint velocity over ±28°C temperature range; repeatability of ±0.5% reading
  • Level resolution of ±2.5mm; repeatability of ±1.3mm
  • Standard temperature accuracy ±1°C; repeatability ±0.6˚C; improved temperature accuracy is available with factory calibration

One standardised, field-configurable FLT93 FlexSwitch control circuit satisfies virtually any combination of application requirements. FCI’s advanced FlexSwitch technology can be packaged in integral or remote configurations for installation flexibility.

The rugged FLT93 switch is hydrostatically proof pressure tested to 240 bar (g) at 21°C. De-rated with temperature, the maximum operation service recommended is 162 bar (g) at 260°C. Higher ratings are available with special construction and test certification.

Depending on the model and materials chosen, the FLT93 switch can withstand temperatures up to 454°C. Comprehensive agency approvals for hazardous, Div. 1/Zone 1 environments include: ATEX, FM, FMc, IECEx, Inmetro and EAC/TRCU.

For further information, please visit the AMS Instrumentation and Calibration website www.ams-ic.com.au or call 03-9017 8225, or Freecall (NZ) 0800 442 743. 

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