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New FCI Flow Calibration Laboratory Video available from AMS

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Engineers with challenging flow meter applications will now have access to a new video offering an informative tour of the Flow Calibration Laboratory at Fluid Components International (FCI).  

The video provides an overview of the calibration process, explaining the importance of flow meter calibration with actual gases to achieve superior accuracy rather than using inferred air equivalency methods.  

Backed by more than 40 years of flow instrumentation experience, FCI operates one of the leading flow analysis laboratories in the industry, providing customers with the highest level of calibration standards, accuracy and repeatability.   

The FCI laboratory features a world-class pedigree with more than 18 National Institute of Standards (NIST) traceable precision flow stands. All laboratory equipment is also ISO 9001:2000 and AS9000 compliant and meets MIL-STD-45662A as well as ANSI/NCSL-Z-540 requirements.  

Highlights of the FCI Flow Calibration Laboratory: 

  • Testing flow meters at FCI’s Flow Calibration Laboratory ensures they meet published and custom-designed instrument specifications, which is fundamental to performance at the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability
  • The laboratory provides gas flow calibration capabilities from as low as 0.001 SCFM (0.00017 NCMH) to ranges that exceed 5000 SCFM (8500 NCMH) and higher for line sizes in excess of 10 inches (250mm)
  • Flow calibrations for applications with temperature ranges from -100ºF to +1000ºF (-73ºC to +538ºC) and pressure ranges from 0 to 1000 psig (0 to 68 atmospheres) are commonly performed
  • FCI’s new compressed-air test stand is designed for high-pressure and high-flow rate air applications reaching up to 1000 SFPS (300 MPS)
  • The test stand enables FCI’s flow technicians to calibrate meters at exact pressures/flow rates without needing to rely on extrapolations, resulting in improved performance
  • Liquid Fuel Flow Stand developed primarily for FCI’s aerospace division to calibrate meters in liquid hydrocarbons, jet fuels and water/ethylene glycol blends
  • The stand uses two, NIST-Traceable Coriolis Flow Meters for extremely high accuracy and can calibrate in virtually any mixed liquid composition   
  • FCI’s customers can experience the benefits of guaranteed higher accuracy when their meters are calibrated with their actual fluids

For more than 40 years, FCI has worked to replicate field conditions in a controlled laboratory environment to continually improve upon flow meter accuracy.  

Laboratory capabilities also include extensive automation and data collection capabilities, offering proprietary solutions that balance efficiency with traceability and reliability.   

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration supplies calibration equipment and industrial instrumentation to diverse industries in Australia. AMS represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers of instrumentation and calibration equipment including FCI.

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