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Monitoring flue gas emissions with rbr ecom-J2KNpro industrial analyser

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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration presents a new range of flue gas analysers from rbr designed for accurate monitoring and measurement of exhaust emissions.

The rbr ecom-J2KNpro industrial flue gas analysers utilise electrochemical sensors to measure exhaust emissions, most commonly O2, CO, NO, NO2, and SO2 gases and have an available NDIR bench for measuring CO2, high CO, and CH4. A robust filtering system combined with the Peltier gas cooler and a 9V high-flow pump ensures a clean sample and high flow rate, which are necessary for accuracy and repeatability.

Monitoring of the electrochemical sensors compensates for temperature changes even in harsh testing environments, while a dedicated fresh air pump in the CO sensor is activated if the maximum concentration limit of 4000ppm is exceeded.

The rbr ecom-J2KNpro industrial flue gas analyser ensures unmatched performance with its robust sample conditioning features, high-speed flow rate, and advanced sensor monitoring capabilities. The highly versatile analyser is also fully loaded with sensor options and features, allowing its use in many different applications.

ecom-J2KNpro industrial flue gas analysers are recommended for emission testing on stationary engines, generators, compressors, boilers, burners, turbines, heating equipment, pumps, diesel engines, mining equipment (to control DPM), construction equipment, laboratory combustion equipment and alternative fuels among many other applications.

Also used for fuel efficiency testing, combustion tuning, maintenance checks, and emissions compliance reporting, the J2KN series allows different types of fuel to be tested including natural gas, oil, diesel, coal, wood, biomass, butane, propane, biodiesel, and various alternative fuels. Gasoline emissions may be tested with the ecom-J2KNpro industrial, but this requires the NDIR bench (for CO).

Please visit AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd at www.ams-ic.com.au or call 03-9017 8225.

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