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FS10A Analyser Flow Switch/Monitor with SP76 Adapter for NeSSI Systems from AMS

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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration  offers a new line of analyser flow switches and monitors from Fluid Components International (FCI) for use in gas and liquid process sampling systems.  

Model FS10A analyser flow switch/monitor from FCI features a convenient SP76 adapter that supports NeSSI compliant hardware.  

The SP76 adapter for NeSSI modular manifolds allows the FS10A to be installed into a standardised mechanical platform for analysers and sensors. The NeSSI (New Sampling/Sensor Initiative) is an industry-driven effort to define and promote analyser and sensor standardisation.  

NeSSI compliant devices enable sample system components such as the FS10A to be mounted onto a standard fluidic interface for modular surface-mount components featuring standard wiring and communications interfaces as well as a standard platform for micro-analytics.  

The FS10A conforms to NeSSI Generation I and is prepped for Generation II and III compliance, requiring only a single 1.5 x 1.5-inch SP76 base.  

FS10A analyser flow switch/monitor represents the next-generation economical solution for continuously verifying flows within liquid or gas process analyser sampling systems.  

The analyser flow switch/monitor is a small, lightweight instrument featuring superior low flow sensitivity, a choice of electronic outputs and a no-moving parts design that ensures maximum reliability.  

The FS10A is ideal for oil/gas refining, chemical processing, stack monitoring, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals and semiconductor fabrication applications.  

Key features of the FS10A analyser flow switch/monitor 

  • Advanced electronics and thermal dispersion flow sensing technology provide a superior overall solution for sampling system flow assurance
  • Ideally suited for continuous monitoring of analyser sample flows to provide high integrity process analysis without interruption
  • Precision flow sensor element with no moving parts to foul, clog or maintain
  • Ensures continuous reliability and requires virtually no maintenance
  • No cavities, orifices or dead-legs that trap fluids and lead to contaminated samples
  • Designed to preserve sample integrity and provide faster system sampling times
  • Wetted parts are corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel with Hastelloy-C sensor tips
  • Can be used with nearly all types of process and emissions sampling systems including gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, optical spectrometers and photometers
  • Fits in a standard 0.25” tube tee as well as the SP76 adapter
  • Operates over a wide flow range in multiple configurations:
    • Flow range in air from 0.1 SCFH to 40 SCFH (50 cc/min to 20,000 cc/min)
    • Flow range in water from 0.001 GPM to 0.03 GPM (4 cc/min to 100 cc/min)
  • Single instrument can be used for most gas and liquid applications with a simple in-field set-up
  • Rugged, fully-sealed aluminium housing to protect electronics in harsh plant environments
  • Top-mounted 10-LED array and two pressure-sensitive button touch controls
  • Available with a choice of electronic outputs

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