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FCI’s new and improved compact thermal flow meters with HART

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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the launch of a compact line of thermal flow meters from Fluid Components International (FCI) with an all-new, advanced electronics design and improved features.

FCI’s new ST51A, ST75A and ST75AV thermal mass flow meters provide users with an economical yet rugged solution for measuring air or gases in demanding industrial process and plant applications. Improved features in the expanded thermal flow meter line include HART Version 7 and digital bus communication. Representing the next generation in thermal mass flow meter design from FCI, the new models combine an all-new surface-mount design and lead-free RoHS compliant electronics with highly accurate, repeatable all-welded, equal-mass flow sensors.

The added HART digital bus communication and its associated device driver (DD) have been tested and certified by the Fieldcomm (HART) Group to meet the latest Version 7 standards. With over 30 million supported field instruments installed worldwide, HART technology offers a reliable solution for leveraging the benefits of intelligent flow meters and other devices through standardised digital communication.

Key features of the new ST51A, ST75A and ST75AV thermal mass flow meters include dual 4-20 mA outputs meeting NAMUR NE43 and featuring a 500 Hz pulse; electronics housed in a rugged IP67 rated, dual-cable port transmitter enclosure available in aluminium or stainless steel; ability to mount the transmitter directly to the flow sensor or remote-mount up to 30m away; CE mark, and Div.1/Zone 1 Ex agency approvals of FM, FMc, ATEX and IECEx obtained; independently verified to meet IEC 61508 for SIL-1 rating; and full 2-year warranty to all customers.

The new ST51A, ST75A and ST75AV flow meters feature FCI’s thermal dispersion sensor technology, which relies on the relationship between flow rate and cooling effect for direct measurement of mass flow. Their flow sensing elements feature precision platinum RTDs in small diameter, all-welded thermowells made of 316L stainless steel and Hastelloy-C tips to provide superior accuracy, fast response and long-term reliability. Being direct mass flow measuring instruments, these flow meters don’t require additional temperature or pressure sensors or flow computer to infer the mass flow rate of the process media, reducing the total cost of process flow measurement.

Model ST51A Air/Gas Flow Meters

An insertion-style flow meter to suit pipe diameters of 2.5-24 inches (63-610mm), the ST51A is specifically designed for flow measurement of methane-based gases such as biogas, digester gas, landfill gas and natural gas as well as air, compressed air and nitrogen. Easily connected into the pipe via a 0.5-inch or 0.75-inch NPT compression fitting, these thermal flow meters measure from 0.08 MPS to 122 MPS with turndown ratio of 100:1 and accuracy of ±1 percent reading, ±0.5 percent full scale.

Model ST75A and ST75AV Air/Gas Flow Meters

Featuring an in-line (spool-piece) style for applications in smaller pipe diameters of 6-51mm, the ST75A and ST75AV flow meters measure flow rate and totalised flow of air, compressed air, inert gases as well as natural gas, biogas and other hydrocarbon-based gases, making them ideal for burner-boiler fuel and air lines, industrial furnaces and kilns, chiller air flow metering, and dosing and gas injection.

Process connection options include male NPT, female NPT and ANSI or DN flanged. Model ST75AV includes built-in Vortab flow conditioning to ensure high accuracy and repeatability in applications lacking sufficient straight-run. A wide 100:1 turndown ratio and ability to measure from 0.01 NCMH to 950 NCMH with accuracy of ±1 percent reading, ± 0.5 percent full scale are some of the other features.

Visit www.ams-ic.com.au for more information or contact AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd on 03-9017 8225 or Freecall (NZ) 0800 442 743.

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