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Compact chilled mirror hygrometer gives high accuracy for reliable control of sintering processes

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Michell Instruments’ S8000RS chilled-mirror hygrometer offers an accuracy of ±0.1°C, with a wide measurement range of -90 to +20°C dew point, making it the ideal choice for moisture control in a range of metallurgical processes, including sintering.

Sintering is a process where powdered metals are bonded together to form light and strong products, from filters to machine parts. Because the powdered metal is not fully melted, the temperatures involved are relatively low – around 600°C – but careful control of moisture is essential to ensure the finished quality. Because the raw material is powdered metal, moisture present in the furnace could cause clumping or, as the moisture evaporates in the heat, large holes being created in the finished product.To avoid this, accurate control and measurement of moisture is vital.

Forsinteringcarriedout600°C, maintaining a constant dewpointof -60°C in the furnace is necessary and the gas is sampled at several points in the process. A fast-responding moisture analyser is essential so that action may be taken quickly if moisture levels rise above acceptable limits.

The Michell’s S8000RS uses the fundamental chilled mirror technique to measure moisture, which ensures long-term accuracy to ±0.1°C dewpoint as well as reliability and a fast response.The measurement rangeof-80to+20°Cdp is ideal to ensure consistent monitoring at -60°C with confidence in the accuracy.

The S8000RS is the smallest hygrometer on the market which is able to reliably reach dew points of -80°C. This small size is possible because it does not require any external cooling, which makes it well-suited to metallurgical applications where its small footprint makes it easy to install in an air conditioned instrumentation cabinet.

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