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AMS Instrumentation launches dual sensor mag meter

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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the new FPI-X dual sensor electromagnetic flow meters from McCrometer.

Recommended for municipal water, industrial processes, district energy and campus HVAC applications, the new dual sensor mag meters deliver accurate and repeatable measurement under extreme flow conditions, meeting the needs of process and plant engineers contending with swirl and other flow disturbances in the line.

The McCrometer FPI-X flow meter reliably achieves ±0.5% accuracy under severe swirling flows. Designed for use in close proximity to cascading or multiple pump arrays, the new electromagnetic flow meters deliver the advantage of accurate measurement not possible with any flow meter previously.

The FPI-X outperforms traditional mag meters when installed near pumps, valves, elbows, headers, or any other equipment that makes it impossible to create a symmetrical velocity flow profile in the pipe. The FPI-X mag meter provides measurement in difficult sites that otherwise require multiple meters in various locations, saving customers both money and installation time. The FPI-X also eliminates the expensive flow conditioners and piping modifications required with other meters.

The new electromagnetic flow meter is based on McCrometer’s patented and award winning FPI mag meter technology. The field-proven dual sensor configuration designed with multiple electromagnetic coils installed throughout both sensors produce a magnetic field across the complete cross-sectional area of the pipe. Placing voltage sensors in two planes across the pipe compensates for differences in velocity caused by severe flow disturbances. More velocity sensors result in a more accurate measurement.

The multi-point sensing technology makes the FPI-X flow meters ideal for cramped, retrofit and new construction pumping stations or in any constrained space areas with limited straight pipe run availability. The sensor's body is hermetically sealed and protected by NSF certified 3M fusion-bonded epoxy coating. With no moving parts, the FPI-X requires little to no maintenance for years of worry-free operation.

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