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AMS aeration flow meter simplifies wastewater plant upgrade

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AMS Instrumentation and Calibration presents the latest range of flow meters from Fluid Components International (FCI) featuring Profibus compatibility for use in wastewater applications.

Wastewater treatment plant engineers seeking a Profibus-compatible solution for flow measurement in aeration basins will find FCI’s precision ST100 thermal mass flow meters providing superior accuracy combined with digital bus communication flexibility to reduce air flow energy costs.

The activated sludge treatment method in municipal wastewater plants requires compressed air to be pumped into aeration basins where a diffuser system ensures even distribution of air for optimum treatment. Flow meters are typically installed in the system piping to help monitor the air released into the basins. The airflow needs to be precisely controlled to promote the growth of micro-organisms treating the wastewater as well as to reduce compressed air energy costs.

Designed for rugged industrial processes and plants, FCI’s ST100 is ideal for this task because of the flow meter’s accurate performance over a wide flow range, ease of installation, low maintenance requirements and digital bus communications versatility, including Profibus PA compatibility.

Digital bus communications such as Profibus PA bus ensure flow meters and other process automation field devices are interoperable and compatible through an industry standard bus. The current version of Profibus PA includes many functions that simplify the handling of field devices, including the exchange of one field device for another device from a different manufacturer during routine plant upgrades.

Key benefits of ST100 flow meters with Profibus PA include excellent device flexibility; superior accuracy and reliability in harsh environments; Profibus PA communication facilitating plant system retrofits through a seamless integration process for new field devices including flow meters, saving time and money; insertion style configuration allowing simple drop-in replacement for older technology meters; and enabling engineers and technicians to easily manage multiple fluid flow process variables and configure the meter remotely from the safety of the control room.

ST100 flow meters offer a versatile communication solution to support Profibus, Fieldbus, HART, or Modbus, 4-20 mA analogue, frequency/pulse, or alarm relays. Should the plant’s communication needs change, the ST100 meter adapts with a plug-in card replacement that can be changed out in the field.

Key features of FCI’s ST100 flow meters include unique graphical, multivariable, backlit LCD display/readout providing continuous display of all process measurements and alarm status, and the ability to interrogate for service diagnostics; up to five unique calibration groups stored to accommodate broad flow ranges, differing mixtures of the same gas and multiple gases, and obtaining up to 1000:1 turndown; on-board data logger with an easily accessible, removable 2GB micro SD memory card capable of storing 21 million readings; ability to be calibrated to measure virtually any process gas, including wet gas, mixed gases and dirty gases; thermal flow sensing element to measure flow from 0.07 NMPS to 305 NMPS with accuracy of ±0.75 percent of reading, ±0.5 percent of full scale; service up to 454°C; available with both integral and remote up to 300m electronics versions.

The ST100 flow meter, including the entire instrument, the transmitter and the rugged, NEMA 4X/IP67 rated enclosure, is approved for hazardous environments with approvals including SIL 1, ATEX, IECEx, FM, FMc, CPA, Inmetro, GOST-R and more. 

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