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Advanced features for modline 6 Series fiber optic infrared thermometers from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration

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Ircon has introduced the new Modline 6 Series of infrared thermometers, now available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration . The new line of high performance sensors features advanced signal processing and background-reflected energy compensation capabilities, and includes one-and two-color fiber optic IR devices designed for harsh operating environments.

Features of the infrared thermometers include:

  • The Modline 6 firmware infrared thermometers  now provide engineers with enhanced signal processing options, including averaging, "peak hold" and "valley hold.”
  • The infrared thermometers also incorporate a state-of-the-art electro-optic design offering built-in compensation for background-reflected energy
  • These features are accessed via Modline 6 Multidrop Support Software, which is intended for remote sensor configuration and data acquisition, display and archiving
  • The software includes demonstration tutorials that pictorially guide users step-by-step through the setup of signal processing and programmable relay functions
  • Proprietary electronics support other advanced features of the infrared thermometers, including two-way serial communications
  • remote sensor setup and configuration
  • Real-time display of target temperature, and field calibration software
  • The Modline 6 sensor includes a fiber-optic re-imaging lens interfacing to an electronics box, which has a bright LED display for access to key sensor functions and live temperature output
  • Modline 6 Series infrared thermometers use high-speed digital signal processors with an RS-485 serial data communications networking capability supporting up to 32 sensors
  • System requirements for the Modline 6 Multidrop Support Software include a personal computer with a minimum of 4 MB of RAM operating under Microsoft Windows NT4/Windows 2000/XP
  • The software is included at no additional cost with all new Modline 6 Series thermometers
The rugged Modline 6 Series infrared thermometers deliver value in terms of price, performance, features and ease-of-use of any available fiber-optic infrared thermometer.  They are used in a variety of demanding industrial applications, including metal heat treating, steel production, foundries, and primary and secondary glass.

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