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Ampertronics offers music listening stations and modules

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Ampertronics  offers different types of electronic products such as music listening stations and various types of modules. Music listening stations provided by Ampertronics have been specifically designed for music retail stores. These music listening stations can be controlled with ease by using a simple touch screen panel. This can be operated by loading the music CD into the CD loader and thereby playing the song automatically. These are also available with headphones. These music stations are available either as single units or can also be used in combination.

Ampertronics provides different types of modules. Cont2 is a general purpose micro controller module with an operating voltage ranging from 10 volts to about 30 volts of direct current. This comprises of a single LCD and keypad interface and four ways DIP switch. Other features of this module include ribbon cable header, asynchronous input or output port factory that is programmable from 300 to 9600band, pluggable type of screw terminals, synchronous input or output port factory programmable upto one Mbit transfer rate and many other features.

Modular alphanumeric displays provided by Ampertronics comprise of features including addressable display, incorporation of terminating resistor, pluggable type of terminals, operating voltage ranging from 12 volts to about 30 volts and also consist of either six or 12 digits.

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