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Magnetic sweepers now available from AMF Magnetics

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Magnetic Sweepers from AMF Magnetics are an ideal solution for quick, easy and safe cleaning of large areas for nails, swarf and other metal objects. For large car-park areas, magnetic sweepers are ideal for picking up objects that may puncture tyres etc. In a transport yard, the cost of a magnetic sweeper can pay for itself immediately in the downtime and cost associated with replacing tyres on trucks.

AMF Magnetics' magnetic sweepers are strong and sturdy and come with large rubberised wheels for easy handling. The comfort grip makes extended periods of use easy and efficient. A stand out feature of the magnetic sweepers their self-cleaning ability. The sweeper wheels around and then the user is finished, and the unit can be placed over the recepticle, with the handle pulled. The material stuck to the bottom of the sweeper will simply fall off, making these magnetic sweepers safe and easy to use.

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