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Magnetic Separators from AMF Magnetics

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AMF Magnetics  along with their engineering partner, Magfield Manufacturing have been meeting the magnetic separation needs of various customers in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries with customised solutions for over 30 years.  

AMF Magnetics is a one-stop shop with services ranging from providing advice on current or future magnetic separation needs right up to design and manufacture of equipment.  

All equipment supplied by AMF Magnetics carries the standard 12-month guarantee on parts and labour while the magnetic strength of the equipment is guaranteed indefinitely unless subjected to extreme heat.  

Qualified engineers with several years of experience will inspect product lines and provide advice on the most appropriate magnetic separators for each application.  

Key services provided by AMF Magnetics: 

  • Inspection of current magnetic separators to ensure they are compliant with Food Safety standards
  • Reporting of findings and recommendations
  • Advisory service
  • Design and manufacture of magnetic separator units
  • Refurbishment of existing magnetic separator units

AMF Magnetics offers the following magnetic separators: 

  • Magnetic head pulleys are used on a belt conveyor system to replace traditional head pulley systems
  • Chute magnets are used to remove tramp metal from high-volume product flow
  • Grate magnets with the strongest magnetic strength are used for fine particle separation in free-flowing material
  • Plate magnets incorporate large Ferrite magnets and are used where large volumes of product flow are present
  • Filter bars are available up to 10000 gauss in magnetic strength, and used where magnetic separation is required and flexibility in sizing is important   

Magnetic Separators from AMF Magnetics  

Grate magnets from AMF Magnetic use high strength Rare Earth magnets and are rated up to 10000 gauss. These are highly suitable for fine iron contamination problems.  

Independent certifications for magnetic strength rating can be provided on request.

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