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Magnetic Separation equipment has been supplied to the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries since the 1940's. Up to the 1990's, most magnetic separators contained ceramic based magnets or ferrites.

Today, with the advent of newer magnetic materials such as rare earth neodymium, increases of around 6 times that of the ceramic magnets can be obtained. Primarily, magnetic separation equipment work by attracting and removing foreign matter from the production, without interrupting it.

Some of the different separator units available include:

  • Magnetic head pulley: Used on a belt conveyor system to replace traditional head pulley system.
  • Chute magnets: Where the material flow is not free flowing, chutes allow for little restriction to flow that requires particle separation.
  • Grate magnets: These units incorporate the strongest magnetic strength (up to around 10000 gauss) and are commonly used for fine particle separation and usually for free-flowing material.
  • Plate magnets: Incorporating large ferrite magnets, plate magnets are the ideal solution where large volumes of product flow are present. Ferrite magnets emit a larger magnetic field than other types of magnets so are perfect for placing over a conveyor system for example.
  • Filter bars: Available up to 10000 gauss, filter bars are the simplest solution where magnetic separation is required and flexibility in sizing is paramount.
AMF Magnetics ’ grate magnets are rated up to 10000 gauss by utilizing high strength rare earth magnets. These are highly suitable for fine iron contamination problems.
Independent certifications as to magnetic strength rating can be provided on request. Pole centres of approximately 20mm can be achieved.

Location, product flow characteristics, product throughput, magnet configuration and accessibility are all critical factors in choosing the most suitable magnetic separator for your needs.

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