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AMF Magnetics introduces Peng Hydraulic Hose Clamps

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Peng hydraulic hose clamps available from AMF Magnetics are simple-to-use hose seals designed to avoid downtime and save money.  

Peng hydraulic hose clamps simply clamp together over the leaking area of the hydraulic hose to provide a temporary fix, allowing users to replace the hose in a more suitable environment at their convenience.    

Peng hose clamps are available in single or double braid types with sizes starting from ¼ inch right up to ¾ inch.    

Shayne Curtis of Gunnedah, NSW and a user of Peng had a slow leaking hose on his front end loader, which finally got worse and put the vehicle out of action.    

He used a 3/8-inch single braid Peng clamp to get him back to work immediately, replacing the leaking hose with a new hose three weeks later.

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