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APC unveil air distribution unit

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American Power Conversion (APC) has announced the Australian availability of its new NetworkAir compact air distribution unit targeting hotspots inside racks and enclosures.

The NetworkAir distribution unit works in tandem with an existing precision air conditioning system in enclosed environments to pull air from beneath the raised floor directly into the rack enclosure, before it can mix with room air.

In environments without raised floors, the NetworkAir unit uses air from under and around the bottom of the rack or enclosure where the air is coldest, boosting the amount of air supplied to ensure the necessary amounts of airflow to equipment, according to APC Australia and New Zealand managing director Leanne Cunnold.

“Equipment in the top portion of rack enclosures is failing at higher rates because rising heat causes an increase in the recommended operating temperature," Cunnold explained.

“Hardware failures caused by excessive heat are a leading cause of downtime. NetworkAir gives our customers a simple, reliable solution that ensures the availability of mission-critical equipment through a consistent operating environment."

Although physically smaller, today's rack-based hardware generates considerable heat due to the increased processing power packed into a tighter space.

As more equipment such as servers, telecommunications and internetworking hardware can be housed in typical rack enclosures, the power density increases and therefore supplying the necessary air for cooling is a primary concern for data centre managers.

Traditional raised floor distribution methods are currently unable to distribute enough airflow inside densely populated rack enclosures, where cooling is most needed, Cunnold added.

The estimated retail price in Australia for the unit is $2,051 (including GST), and NZ$2,500 (including GST) for New Zealand customers.

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