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Australian made battery backup units

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article image Battery backup units in compact containers.

AMALGEN’s dc battery backup units are Australian designed and built and are electrically and mechanically robust.

The battery backup units suit applications were an uninterrupted dc supply is needed, such as factory installations for PLCs, remote Telemetry sites, water treatment installations, industrial communications backup, security and emergency lighting.

Two ranges are available, the basic analogue model that has relay status output and the digital model that is micro processor monitored, with LCD information panel and open collector output for remote status sensing.

Both models are powered by an Amalgen fully regulated linear power supply, which delivers clean and constant dc power to the load and also to the battery, via a smart battery management system.

The smart battery management system, keeps batteries in optimum condition by monitoring the charge voltage to keep the battery healthy, including temperature compensation, so high quality dc power is constantly available. Front panel LEDs give a quick visual indication of unit operation. But the system eliminates the need to check batteries.

The Amalgen dc battery backup units are easy to install as they are contained in one small cabinet that houses power supply/charger and batteries, (no extra wiring).

The cabinet is installed via three mounting holes then the ac is connected to one side and dc load is connected to the output terminals. The power is turned on and the unit efficiently looks after itself and the dc requirements of the load.

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