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article image Amalgamated’s digital and graphical display unit.

A GRAPHICAL representation of a measurement is often valuable in allowing quick accurate decisions to be made. A monitoring instrument with a bargraph display can provide a reference with a greater impact than figures alone.

Amalgamated Instrument Co has added another option to the range of displays available for its panel mounted instrumentation.

The new display has a 5-digit numerical readout plus a 20-segment bargraph display and also features keypads for configuration and programming and annunciator LEDs for alarm/setpoint relays.

The keypads are "domed" to give good tactile feedback in operation while the 5-digit numerical display allows for greater flexibility to display higher values or allow for more decimal places.

The alarm annunciator LEDs are linked to configurable setpoint relays and light when a setpoint condition exists. The new display has capacity to annunciate up to four setpoint relays.

The bargraph and the digit display can be separately configured. This means, for example, that the graphical display can indicate a percentage value and the numerical display can indicate the actual value in engineering units.

A good example is to have the bargraph show "percentage full" of a storage tank with the numerical display showing the actual litres (for example) in the tank.

Several display options for the bar graph are programmable including "single dot", "double dot" or "solid bar".

The addition of this display to the already large range of display options, means customers can choose the right display for their panel mount instrumentation applications.

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