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Touch Panel Process Indicator EA16

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Alvi Technologies takes pride in announcing its new product release: Touch Panel Process Indicator EA16.

Industrial processes require measurement and display of several process parameters for a better process efficiency. Quite often for a single process, it becomes a necessity to display all the measured variables on a single display for a better process performance without any ambiguity.

Our Touch Panel Process Indicator EA16 is the perfect solution for such requirements. EA16 combines high performance with quality making it ideal for applications requiring simultaneous indication of all process parameters.

EA16 measures signals of up to four connected transducers and analyses them simultaneously. The configurable 3.5” touch display can indicate up to four measuring values at the same time. Optionally this device can be delivered with a data logger function. The input signals can be converted into 2 or 4 switching outputs or analog outputs. All the parameters can be set via touch display or PC Software. The EA16 is suitable for being installed in FISCHER panels.

This versatile feature allows the device to be used in various process applications. Few of them as listed below:


  1. Measured value display in clean room
  2. Add switch points to analog signals
  3. Convert voltage signals to 4-20ma signals
  4. To investigate trends and record data
  5. To calculate flowrates and density
  6. To make temperature compensations

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