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Loop powered isolator -BL540

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The loop-powered isolator is one of the most prevalent devices in use in 4-20 mA control loops today.

Loop powered isolators are necessary when an extra isolated 4/20mA output is required in areas where no power is available.

Alvi technology presents BL540 - Extremely compact, accurate, reliable loop-powered isolators from its low-cost BasicLine series. By reliably decoupling the field and control levels, the device prevents system malfunctions.

At a low 1.7 V voltage drop, the device needs no auxiliary power supply but can be powered through the loop – this results in the additional advantage of a much reduced wiring effort. The isolator features a 0.2% full scale accuracy. One and two-channel devices are available in a 6 mm DIN rail housing. BL 540 isolators are CE-compliant. Strictly concentrating on basic functions, we have tailored this device to mechanical engineering companies that need precise and reliable yet cost-optimized isolators for large-scale applications. It features high level of manufacturing quality and precision as well as complete galvanic isolation.

Our BasicLine comprises transducers for all major control cabinet requirements: current, voltage, or temperature measurement, conversion of standard signals or measured values, signal isolation, and set-point monitoring. This comprehensive product range from a one-stop provider has various benefits for customers: consistent documentation of specifications and certifications, and a competent, reliable partner for all requirements involved in installation and operation.

For further information on our loop powered isolator, please click: http://www.alvi.com.au/product/knick-_basicline_bl_541/

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