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Alvi Technologies supply the Jola SCHE Floating Electrodes which detect thin layers of non-conductive liquids with a low specific gravity including oils, on top of conductive liquids with a higher specific gravity such as water.

Jola’s SCHE Floating Electrodes are made up of two sections including of a lower section consisting of a stabilising plate and four floats. The upper section is made up of an electrode holder, rod electrode, control electrode and an earth electrode for alarm signalling.

Inbuilt sensitive alarm is activated by a thin layer of non-conductive liquid
  • Leaks are detected easily with built in earth electrode which is triggered by non conductive liquids such as oil which lift the electrode rod tips and activate the alarm
  • Only a 5 to 10mm thickness of non conductive liquid is sufficient to activate the alarm
  • SCHE floating electrodes are designed to connect to electrode relay ESA 2
Connection to electrode relay is powered by a low safety voltage
  • Lower voltage connection to detector improves work safety
  • Minimum liquid level required of 80mm to 130mm depending on model
Jola’s SCHE Floating Electrodes provide a reliable solution to detecting non conductive liquid leakages. These electrodes are ideal for all of your industrial leak detection requirements.

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