Knick Signal Isolators and Converters for Electrical Measurement from Alvi Technologies

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Alvi supply the range of Knick electrical measuring instruments for monitoring various industrial power systems. These Convertors and Isolators come in a number of different models to match specific applications.

Effectively monitor mains supplies and 3 phase power systems
IsoTrans 600AC/DC signal isolators and converters provide reliable performance for applications requiring medium level monitoring.
  • Isolation as per EN61010-1
  • 22.5mm modular case with low self heating
  • Calibrated measuring range switchover
Three port isolation ensures optimal performance
VariTrans P 15000 signal converters and isolators are ideal for a broad range of power supply monitoring.
  • Professional standard signal isolators for standard signals
  • Calibrated input/output selection through DIP switches
  • Excellent transmission quality
The Complete Alvi range of electrical measuring devices cover a broad range of industrial monitoring requirements
  • Isolators and Indicators - Universal Signal Isolators, Loop Isolators, Voltage Converters and Isolators, Signal Indicators, Loop Powered Indicators
  • Convertors - High Voltage Signal Converters, Conductivity Converters, AC DC Power Converters, Industrial Media Converters, Industrial Media Converters
  • Transmitters - Universal Temperature Transmitters, Industrial Transmitters, Universal Strain Gauge Transmitters, Current Transmitters, Universal Resistance Transmitters, Power Transmitters, AC DC Transmitters and Standard Signal Doublers

Alvi’s wide range of isolators, convertors and transmitters provide the ideal solution to all of your signal equipment and temperature measuring requirements.

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