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Knick’s Uniclean 900 Self Cleaning pH Measurement System Available from Gas Alarm Systems

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article image Measuring point with Uniclean 900 control system, Protos 3400 measuring system and SensoGate sensor lock-gate

Knick’s Uniclean 900 Self Cleaning pH measurement system is now available from Gas Alarm Systems . Combined with sensors, retractable fittings and process analysis systems, Knick's Uniclean 900 control system for retractable fittings ensures fully automatic, precise pH measuring even in challenging process environments, e.g. in high-pressure and high-temperature applications or in applications with heavily polluted media.

The control system immerses the sensors in the medium for short periods in freely configurable intervals. Afterwards, the system cleans and rinses the sensors, automatically pumping cleaning liquid or water into the rinsing chamber. This feature considerably extends the lifespan of sensors in highly aggressive process media.

In Uniclean 900 applications, sensors do not need to be removed for manual cleaning, making complex bypass solutions and process interruptions unnecessary. Measuring can take place in the pressure tank or main pipe, thus increasing measuring accuracy.

The Uniclean 900 pump operates with minimal wear and maintenance requirements: unlike other systems, the new concept does not require movable mechanical parts, pistons or cylinders.

Consumption of cleaning agents is extremely low. Instead of controlling a pump with a special cleaning liquid, the system can also be used to activate a pressure valve connected to e.g. a water pipe.

The Uniclean 900's modular structure allows for the use of any type of retractable fitting, while optimal functionality is ensured by combining the unit with the Ceramat and SensoGate sensor lock gates.

The Uniclean 900 is controlled through the Protos 3400 measuring system or directly through a PLC. Featuring Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus interfaces, the system can be directly integrated into fieldbus networks, including zone 1 hazardous areas.

Suitable for wall and pipe mounting, the housing is available in two versions: polished stainless steel for pharma and food applications and powder-coated steel for corrosive environments. The basic version includes all features required for smooth, safe operation, such as a water pressure gauge, air filter, water strainer and a flooding sensor in the housing which sends alarm messages in case of an emergency.

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