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Knick P40000 transducers improving safety and availability of rail networks

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Alvi Technologies presents the Knick P40000, a precision range of transducers designed for accurate current and voltage measurement in railway applications.

The increasing investment in railway networks aims to create a better public transportation system and ease traffic congestion in metropolitan areas. To ensure uninterrupted and safe operation of public transportation systems, high demands are placed on the technical equipment as well as monitoring systems to activate the emergency system in the event of fault to protect life and property.

Railway networks such as subways, suburban trains and trams are usually powered by direct current. Monitoring systems for traction power require safety (high isolation), reliability (accurate signal transmission) and efficiency of the network (reducing common mode interferences). A basic requirement for current and voltage measurement is sufficient insulation and galvanic separation to prevent possible destruction of the meter and downstream safety relay.

Knick’s P40000 transducers are designed for applications in railway systems covering high voltage (up to 3000V) and providing high separation voltage. With a very low gain error, the P40000 series ensures high accuracy when measuring critical voltage and current for precise analysis.

Voltage fluctuations caused by alternating loads and switching processes can cause common mode interferences and spread throughout the supply network via busbar, potentially leading to the erroneous activation of emergency shutdown. Knick P40000’s product specification includes common mode rejection ratios for slow and fast common mode loads ensuring interference-free operations.

Knick’s P40000 transducers come with several switchable input/output signal combinations, allowing the use of the same device for various applications by switching the input/output, while still maintaining the same accuracy. The integrated broad range power supply allows operation with almost every supply voltage, providing even more flexibility.

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