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Gas detector tubes enhancing workplace safety

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Alvi Technologies has entered into a partnership with Uniphos for the sales and service of gas detection tubes to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Alvi offers a broad range of detection and monitoring equipment designed to provide reliable and immediate indications of toxic and flammable gas concentrations, helping enhance safety at the workplace.

Providing a simple measurement of chemicals in gas samples, Uniphos gas detector tubes are available in nearly 300 types for the detection of hundreds of different chemicals and concentration ranges. Uniphos is the only gas detector tube manufacturer to offer the detector tube program with one system based on a piston pump (Uniphos) and another on a bellows style pump (KwikDraw).

Uniphos gas detector tubes

The original Uniphos detector tubes are 5mm in diameter and used with the precision ASP-40 piston hand pump. The narrow tube and fine granular size of the reagent carrier used in the 5mm tubes produce distinct stain characteristics and sharply defined endpoints to help interpret the indication on the tube. The piston style pump and tube configuration often have the standard range of measurement based on a single pump stroke.

KwikDraw (formerly Tubes of MSA) gas detector tubes

A Uniphos brand, KwikDraw gas detector tubes are manufactured to exacting quality specifications at their high-tech factory in Vapi, India. The KwikDraw tube system is based on a bellows style pump. Slightly wider at 7mm, these tubes are preferred by some customers over the more slender design of Uniphos tubes. The KwikDraw version will provide years of reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

Gas detection capabilities

Being pre-calibrated, the gas detector tubes take only a few minutes to complete a measurement with the concentration read directly from the length-of-colour stain. The high accuracy of the readings results in enhanced safety in the workplace while the low cost per sample reduces operational costs.

Both Uniphos and KwikDraw systems detect a similar range of gases and vapours; however, the KwikDraw system has a slight edge in the number of gases and vapours detected in addition to its ability to measure exotic gases/ vapours such as bromobenzene, ethylene and chemical warfare agents. The KwikDraw range also includes specialised sets of tubes for mining, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and other industries.

The two gas detection systems offer an excellent selection of tubes with both programs covering the top requested detector tubes across the various industrial segments.

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