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Ensuring air quality in breathing apparatus

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Breathing apparatus used by firefighters and scuba divers works on compressed air, supplied from a compressor system installed or operated at the place of use. The quality of this breathing air needs to be monitored continuously as it is a matter of life and death for workers using the apparatus in various industries.

Firefighters need to be always ready for an emergency, which means they have to be sure about the air quality in their breathing apparatus cylinders. Similarly, scuba divers need to check the air quality in underwater cylinders. Compressed high purity air also finds application in pharmaceutical industries for packaging medications.

However, compressed air can get contaminated at various stages of its production and supply, with the presence of contaminants rendering the air unsuitable as breathable air and even threatening the health and safety of the user.

There are regulatory norms that stipulate the minimum quality standards for breathable compressed air, including the levels for oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water and other types of contaminants and odour.

Gas Alarm Systems is committed to working with industries that require equipment such as the Airtester HP and MP detector tubes, which are designed to monitor the purity of breathing air supplied directly from breathing air cylinders.

Working in conjunction with the Airtester HP (high pressure maximum 300 bar) or the Airtester MP (medium pressure 29 to 145 psi), the HP and MP detector tubes can indicate quickly and quantitatively, the concentration of water vapour, oil, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous fumes in the breathable air.

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