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Alvi Technologies' Galvanic Isolators provide flexible solutions for measurements of Wind Turbines

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Wind power is currently the least expensive source of large-scale renewable energy; where electricity is generated from the naturally occurring wind power. Wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source for electricity generation in Australia.

The wind turns the blades of a wind turbine that is connected to a generator, and the generator converts the wind’s kinetic energy to electricity. The wind turbine Includes various sensors, the signals of which must be detected and converted into current and voltage signals. These must be transmitted to the Central control system over comparatively long distances. To transmit an interference free signal; galvanic isolators should be placed in all signal lines.

VariTrans P 27000 is being used in a similar application at a wind power plant in Germany and has proven to be the ideal solution for this application. One advantage of this universal isolation amplifier is that input and output ranges can be selected with DIP switches, without the complicated re-adjustments. The galvanic isolation of up to 1000 V AC/DC across input and output has proved successful for these measurements. It reliably protects the downstream data acquisition system and the different measurement channels. Featuring a gain error of less than 0.08 % and a temperature coefficient below 0.005 %/K of full scale, the P 27000 ensures a constantly high transmission quality during operation.

Apart from this, wind turbines are exposed to wind and weather. The measuring systems must be able to withstand the changing and sometimes extreme environmental conditions. The P 27000 operates in a wide temperature range at very high accuracy even at temperatures much higher than those occurring in control cabinets. Its integrated broad-range power supply allows operation at almost any supply voltage.

The measurement system for wind turbines demands extreme accuracy and robustness. Thanks to an intelligent circuit design, P 27000 has managed to keep the power loss so low that the reduced development of heat keeps the enclosure cool, which extends the life of the electronics. Due to its compact design and 3-port isolation between input, output, and power supply in an only 12.5 mm wide modular housing, up to 80 isolators can be mounted on one meter of DIN rail without ventilation clearances.

For further information, please visit the product page on:http://www.alvi.com.au/wp-content/product-pdf/KAT_EN_P27000.pdf

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