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Altra Industrial Motion releases new Formsprag CFB backstops for C-face motors

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Altra Industrial Motion, Inc. announces the addition of the CFB family of backstops to Formsprag Clutch’s line of overrunning and backstopping solutions.

Designed for use with C-face motors from 56C up to 365TC frames, CFB backstop input can cleanly interface with standard C-face mounting with the output providing the same pilot diameter, bolt circle and shaft configuration as a C-face motor in the same size.

The CFB’s backstopping torque exceeds more than 250% overload for motors in its frame size. The backstops provide load holding and back drive prevention for applications using C-Face motors. CFB units feature a centrifugal throw out design, which enables the sprags to lift at speeds exceeding 665 RPM, eliminating wear and heat at high speeds. The backstops will automatically engage and hold the load at zero speed in the selected rotation.

CFB backstops do not require external power, adjustment, control or internal bearing, and are also low maintenance by design. This range is available in a choice of eight models with torque ratings from 915 Nm to 2358 Nm. All units are designed for horizontal or vertical mounting.

Formsprag Clutch is an established leader in designing, manufacturing, and delivering dependable long-lasting overrunning clutches for a wide spectrum of industrial applications including conveyors and conveying equipment, food processing machinery, gear reducers, hoists and cranes, mining machinery, machine tools, paper converting machinery, packaging machinery, pumping equipment, and many types of speciality machinery worldwide.

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