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Technical and designing services offered by Allstar Plastics

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Allstar Plastics  offers various products under point of sale which include accessories, business card holders, counter standing, floor standing, overprinting, single sheet holders, wall holders and wall systems.

Plastic products offered by Allstar Plastics have better forming properties, are long lasting, are simple and easy to clean, available as tinted, clear or coloured, require low maintenance, are ideal for small and large production runs. Impact resistance is available in these products and prototypes can be manufactures at a low cost.

Along with its inventive technology and design team, Allstar Plastics has become one of the leaders in the industry. The wide range of technical services offered by Allstar Plastics includes designing services, on site consulting, CNC routing/cutting, prototyping, plastics fabrication, thermoforming, router cutting letters, signs, LED shop fronts, light boxes and prismatic shapes and sizes for competition box.

Consultants from Allstar Plastics carry out measure up and site inspections to ensure that the company and the clients co-ordinate while designing or discussing projects.

Allstar Plastics works together with its clients to design and build prototypes to make sure that before moving on to manufacture, possible flaws are identified and the products are manufactured according to the budget requirements of customers.

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