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Preparing for the storm season with clear polycarbonate roofing

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The Architectural division of Allplastics Engineering recently replaced the damaged roof of an exclusive Rose Bay residence in Sydney with clear polycarbonate sheets to provide long-term protection and durability. Clear polycarbonate sheets offer builders, architects, roofing contractors and homeowners a lightweight roofing alternative delivering exceptional strength, resistance to UV exposure, and flexibility.

The roofing at the Rose Bay residence was damaged in a hailstorm. For the new roof, 4.5mmT Solid, clear polycarbonate sheeting was selected and expertly installed by Craig Lambert. The sheeting was continuous with a length of over seven metres, eliminating joints. Though half the weight of glass, polycarbonate offers 250 times the strength of normal glass, and can be cut on site and curved without cracking.

Thanks to the reduced weight, less steel structures are required, saving on cost. The installation at Rose Bay provided the occupants with a fully sealed, ultra-clear and safe environment.

Polycarbonate sheets are available in standard sheet sizes of 2440mm x 1220mm, 2440mm x 1830mm, and 3m x 2m, as well as spools. For this project, a continuous spool of 4.5mmT polycarbonate was utilised to eliminate joints. These spools are available for projects up to 50m long and 2540mm wide, making them ideal for long lightboxes and warehouse roofs where standard sheets may need joints. Spools are available in clear or opal 3mmT and 4.5mmT sizes.

Key features of clear polycarbonate sheets include high impact strength, transparency, lightweight yet incredibly tough material, thermo-formability, matt and gloss options, UV resistance, outstanding weathering performance, ease of fabrication, cutting and forming, and choice of flat sheets or spools (reels).

Clear polycarbonate sheets can be used for skylights, overhead glazing, security glazing, machine guards, balustrades, sound barriers, bridge safety panels, highway signage, roller shutters and backlit signs among others.

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