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Available from Allplastics Engineering , extruded Nylon 66 is a semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic with universal applications. 

Nylon66 thermoplastics have high temperature resistance and high tensile strength and offer higher mechanical strength, stiffness and toughness than Nylon 6. Nylon 66 thermoplastics also have superior machining properties and exhibit better heat, wear and creep resistance than extruded Nylon 6. 

Key Features of Nylon 66 sheets, rods and tubes:

  • Easily machined
  • Electrically insulating
  • Good sliding properties
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to many oils, greases, diesel, petrol, cleaning fluids
  • Strong, tough and rigid
Nylon 66 thermoplastics offers the following benefits over Nylon 6:
  • Easier to machine
  • Higher temperature rating
  • Higher wear resistance
  • Lower impact strength and mechanical damping
  • Moisture absorption lower than Nylon 6
Nylon 66 thermoplastics can be used for bushes and flanges, cam followers, castors, conveyor screws, damping plates, friction bearings, friction strips, gear wheels, impact plates, insulators, plug parts, piston guides, rope pulleys valve seats and wheels.

Nylon 66 thermoplastics are available in natural and black colours. The sheet size is 3000mm x 500mm and is available in thicknesses of 5mm to 100mm. The Nylon 66 rods are 3000mm long and are available in diameters of 4mm to 100mm.

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