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New range of Clear Polycarbonate Sheets from Allplastics Engineering

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Allplastics Engineering  is stocking a new range of Clear Polycarbonate Sheets with a durable clear coating that significantly increases the abrasion resistance of the material in typical exposures such as washing operations, airborne dust and dirt, high traffic areas and non-abusive public contact.

“Standard Polycarbonate Sheet is virtually unbreakable and a great material in applications where it is at a distance from the public or cleaning is not a prerequisite” stated Vic Kalloghlian of Allplastics Engineering.

“However its surface can easily be marked by routine wiping and usage despite the fact that the strength of the material remained uncompromised”.

“In this respect the Abrasion-resistant coating significantly increases the weather ability and chemical resistance of the polycarbonate substrate, which offers the strength 250 times of glass and 30-40 higher impact resistance than standard acrylic” said Vic Kalloghlian.

The Marr Resistant Polycarbonate sheet comes in a variety of thicknesses from 3mm to 12mm.

Allplastics provide the Polycarbonate Sheets in 2440 x 1220 and 2440 x 1830 as well as cut to size and shape.

Typical applications include architectural glazing, vending machines, machine guards, sight glasses, glazing for buses, trains and other mass transit vehicles, glazing for off-highway vehicles, flat boat windows, bus shelters, earth moving machinery cabins, basketball backboards, glazing for showcases protecting valuable displays and artifacts.

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