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Clear Super Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheets from AllPlastics Engineering

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Allplastics Engineering  offers a unique line of clear super abrasion resistant acrylic sheets for use in safety, optical and aesthetic applications.

Super abrasion resistant or SAR acrylic sheets are different from conventional acrylic sheets with their clear profile and are produced by applying a very hard, polysilicate coating to an acrylic substrate.

This coating provides SAR with a surface that has 45 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated acrylic, making it an attractive material for applications such as manufacturing windshields, marine port holes and sunroofs.

Combining the qualities of acrylic along with a highly abrasion resistant surface coating, SAR acrylic sheets offer clear advantages over standard acrylic sheet products.

SAR consists of a high quality Perspex base with a special coating that provides superior abrasion resistance similar to the levels offered by glass. Additionally SAR sheets offer five times the impact resistance of glass.

SAR acrylic sheets also offer significant chemical resistance and better clarity or light transmission than glass. The robust sheets retain their various properties for a long time.

SAR acrylic sheets are impact-proof and shatter-proof extending their life-span.

The clear super abrasion resistant acrylic sheets can be fabricated and drilled onsite using conventional woodworking tools such as routers and hole saws.

Advantages of SAR acrylic sheets over glass include: 

  • Resists graffiti, chemicals and abrasion marking  
  • 5 times impact resistance of glass  
  • Resists impact and shattering
  • Retains properties for the long term  
  • Lightweight at half the weight of glass  
  • Available in clear; other colours and tints can be coated upon request  
  • Significant chemical resistance
  • Better clarity than glass
  • 10-year guarantee

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