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PC/104 Uninterruptible Power Supply Interface Modules from Allied Data Systems

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RTD Embedded Technologies represented in Australia by Allied Data Systems has introduced the UPS25ER interface modules designed to allow main power interruption while keeping the computer operational.

UPS25ER interface modules provide a flexible PC/104 uninterruptible power supply subsystem designed to work together with the RTD HPWR104 power supply peripheral module to form a reliable power supply system.

This scheme will allow main power interruption up to 30 minutes at 20 Watts while still maintaining complete computer operation.

The main input is rated from 10 to 40V DC for the UPS25ER interface modules. When the supply is over 10V the UPS25ER will charge the local backup NiMH/NiCd battery pack using one of the available charging modes. These charge modes are automatically controlled by the onboard charger circuitry.

The charging of the batteries can be enabled from the user’s application software. Additionally, the software can check the UPS status and power state at any time.

The UPS25 interface modules route power to the user’s power supply module from either the main input or from the backup battery during main input power failure. An interrupt can be generated when the main power fails, and there is also a status bit that will indicate a soon-to-be discharged battery.

The UPS25ER features a unique shutdown mode where the user’s application software can disconnect the UPS battery after it is ready to shut down. When the UPS25ER is put to sleep, the backup battery is disconnected to save it from being unnecessarily discharged.

Features of UPS25ER interface modules

  • Complete battery backup system for embedded computers
  • Wide input range 10-40 VDC
  • Charger current limited to 1.2A
  • Battery output voltage +9.6V nominal
  • Adjustable backup voltage trip level
  • Charger modes: Fast charge, Top off charge, and Trickle charge
  • Battery temperature and voltage condition monitoring
  • Two charger status LEDs
  • Software controlled charger operation and diagnostics
  • Disconnects battery and power after shutdown
  • Fully PC/104 compliant

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