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PC/104 Isolated CAN Bus Fiberoptic Hub from Allied Data Systems

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RTD Embedded Technologies represented in Australia by Allied Data Systems has introduced the CAN Spider active CAN hub designed for connection to four fiberoptic RTD ECAN527HR-2 CAN bus boards, thus forming a star-type fiberoptic CAN system.

This network topology is expandable to multiple spider boards through the onboard galvanically isolated twisted pair CAN port. Multiple CAN spiders can also be stacked together, or distributed in a bus structure.

Sensors with a twisted pair CAN interface can be connected to the ISO11898 compliant galvanically isolated twisted pair CAN port of the RTD CAN Spider. This scheme allows flexible combination of twisted pair and fiberoptic CAN node connections.

The CAN Spider can be mounted in a double high RTD IDAN enclosure together with either an ECAN527HR-2, ECAN527DHR or ECAN1000HR module. The fibre-optic interfaces connect directly to the side of the enclosure.

The CAN Spider supports all the features of the full CAN specification 2.0 B. Data rates up to 1 Mb/s are supported with fiberoptic cable connection lengths up to 40 metres.

This robust board has an industrial voltage range input power supply. The input voltage range is 8 to 40V DC. Over-voltage and reverse voltage protection ensure reliable operation in the most demanding applications.  

Features of PC/104 Isolated CAN Bus Fiberoptic Hub

  • 4 fiberoptic CAN ports
  • 1 isolated twisted pair CAN port, ISO11898 compliant
  • 1 Mb/s data rate up to 40 metres
  • Supports all CAN protocol features
  • Cascadable with isolated twisted pair wire interface
  • Onboard 8-40V DC input range isolated power supply
  • Onboard bus termination resistors and CAN bus filter for low EMI
  • Power out: +5V and +5V isolated
  • RTD ECAN527HR-2 CAN bus board compatible interfaces
  • PC/104 compliant form factor
  • Extended operating temperature range -40ºC to +85ºC

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