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Alliance Equipment Finance discuss finance options for equipment purchase

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Alliance Equipment Finance  suggest customers not to tie up their working capital or overdraft by financing through their banks or paying cash for the business equipment. According to Alliance Equipment Finance, when researching finance options for an equipment purchase, customers must consider the impacts of using their current banking facilities.

It is important to ensure that the business has the necessary funds to complete customers’ day to day operations and meet their short term financial commitments. Overdrafts are suitable for these requirements but it is important to know if they are suitable for the equipment’s finance needs.

Banks may look at customers’ overall exposure with them when considering how much credit they are willing to provide for their businesses. There are commercial decisions that come into play when banks devise an upper limit. This limit may take into account any line of credit, overdraft, debtor finance and property loans that customers may have with them. By electing to use the bank for their equipment purchase, customers are limiting the amount they could obtain for future short term unforeseen operating expenses or growth opportunities.

Keeping the capital for assets than can appreciate in value such as property is important for the business. Alliance Equipment Finance recommend customers to lease the equipment they wish to acquire and is to be used for income generating purposes but likely to depreciate. As a result, there can be tax benefits and the payments are fixed for the life of the contract and do not fluctuate like they would when using overdrafts. This also gives certainty for budgeting. It is important that customers consider their circumstances before outlaying cash on any business equipment acquisition.

Alliance Equipment Finance can offer a number of products that can assist customers in acquiring their equipment. An equipment finance company will warn against any impact that exposure with banks may cause, thus maximising customers’ ability to have the required credit available for their business requirements and possible tax benefits.

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