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Using doctor rewinders for salvage work

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Many printing companies are gradually warming to the idea of using doctor rewinders for salvage work, instead of using the expensive slitter rewinder to edit out faulty printing.

However editing faulty material at the end of the manufacturing process is often extremely expensive and wasteful, especially if the material is already laminated, according to Aldus Engineering ’s Ian Guanaria.

“Several years ago, a client in Melbourne purchased a reversible wide web rewinder to edit printed material prior to lamination, thus eliminating the often-seen practice of laminating good material onto bad. This then eliminated the need to edit during the slitting process thus allowing the slitter to operate at it's designed high speed.

“ It was reported to us that the saving in various areas paid for the initial machine investment in the space of a few months,” Guanaria said.

Aldus had since built several of these full width editing machines for clients in Australia and Asia, all of whom had commented on the rapid payback.

“The latest such machine was built in our Sydney plant for a new flexible packaging operation in Manila to complement its European wide web flexo, narrow web label press, laminator and gravure equipment. This fully reversible machine was 1300mm web width with a self loading rewind /unwind suitable for 800mm diameter rolls and was fitted with our locally manufactured Tidland shafts and chucks, Fife web guide and Boschert safety chucks at the self loading unwind and rewind stations.”

He said it was the second wide web doctor rewinder exported to major flexible packaging producers in the Philippines. Aldus Engineering (02 9809 0363)

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