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GM023 automatic battery chargers from AJ Distributors

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The GM023 automatic battery chargers are available from AJ Distributors .

Manufactured by Gammatron, the GM023 automatic battery chargers feature a compact design for internal switchboard mounting. The charging characteristic is initially a constant current, which automatically tapers off to a very low level of trickle current as the battery voltage rises towards the charger float voltage output. The float voltage and maximum current output levels are easily preset by controls on the unit.

A boost condition can be introduced in the auto-linear 20A automatic battery chargers, causing the full constant current to flow irrespective of battery voltage. A boost timer resets the charger to normal automatic float charging irrespective of the position of the boost switch after four hours.

The GM023 automatic battery chargers allow battery undervoltage and overvoltage conditions to be monitored, with individual relays energised and LED lamps illuminated when the battery voltage exceeds the preset limit. Isolated changeover relay contacts are provided for both alarms.

A low voltage delay timer can be set to 150 seconds to prevent nuisance low voltage alarms during engine cranking. Power Fail relay is energised when power is applied.

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