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AJ Distributors offer a wide range of electronic, RF / Microwave Components, general purpose components and other miscellaneous components for industrial, defence and aerospace applications. Shown below are some of the main component suppliers who have been selling in to the Australian Market for up to 28 years.

American Technical Ceramics (ATC)

(ATC) provides electronic component solutions and custom integrated packaging solutions for the RF, microwave and telecommunications industries. ATC designs, develops, manufactures and markets:

  • Multilayer Chip Capacitors
  • Single Layer Capacitors
  • Resistive Products
  • Inductors

Caddock Electronics Inc. 

Manufactures precision resistors and resistor networks. Caddock uses unique resistance film technologies and process technologies to create solutions for performance demanding applications. The product line consists of over 250 electronic control modules, including:

  • High voltage resistors
  • Variable Resistors
  • Voltage Resistors
  • Current sense resistors
  • Chip resistors
  • High frequency resistors
  • RF resistors
  • Load resistors
  • Pulse resistors
  • Non inductive power resistors

Voltronics Corporation

Manufactures a wide and varied range of trimmer capacitors. Available dielectric choices include air, PTFE, glass, quartz and sapphire. 

  • Air Trimmers
  • Ceramic Chip Trimmers
  • Glass and Quarts Trimmers
  • High Voltage PTFE Trimmers
  • Low Cost Miniature Trimmers
  • Non Magnetic Trimmer

As a world leader in non magnetic piston trimmer capacitors, Voltronics offer a wide variety of tuning solutions for the most sensitive MRI, NMR and spectroscopy applications including non magnetic machine screws. 

Werlatone Inc.

Supplies broadband, high power RF devices, operating between 10 kHz and 4 GHz, at levels to 50 kW. Their high power "multi-octave" product line includes:

  • Mismatch Tolerant Combiners (0°, 90°, and 180°)
  • Mismatch Tolerant Dual Directional Couplers
  • Taps and Transformers
  • Quadrature Hybrid Combiners
  • Quadrature Hybrid Dividers
  • Dual Directional Couplers
  • RF Power Amplifiers
  • RF Transmitter
  • Hybrid CouplersRF dividers, Splitters and equipment

Products include:

SL500 - 500W DC/DC Converters for airborne, shipboard, ground and other severe environmental applications

The SL500 is a 500W DC/DC power converter with 91% efficiency. Features include:

  • Overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature and short circuit protection
  • Operating from -55C to 100C with no derating, the converter is parallelable for higher power requirements and synchronizable for noise sensitive systems
  • 300kHz fixed switching frequency aids in filtering of EMI
  • SLF500 EMI filter is third party qualified and meets Mil-Std-461F for conducted emissions.
  • SL Series meets Mil-Std-704D, Mil-Std-810, Mil-Std-901D, and Mil-Std-461F

JLM and JLMHM 35W and 50W DC/DC Converters for railway applications

AJ Distributors offer quality electronic components and electronic controls that provide long lasting performance. Features include:

  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Low component count, high reliability
  • Simple construction – open frame or enclosed version
  • Low cost
  • Small footprint (Open frame 115x85x22mm)
  • EN50155

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