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Transporters in custom-made models from Airskate

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Airskate  offers many custom made products to its customers. Many equipment have been designed by Sippel and Co. for Airskate and these have been designed in custom made models. This equipment is capable of moving small, delicate and large weight loads with ease.

Airskate offers a set 4 bearing kit that can be used for a wide range of applications. Besides this, a custom-made low profile transporter is also available from Airskate. This transporter is easy to install and it comes with a supply hose that makes the operations easier for the users. The transporter from Airskate enables to keep the load controllable and low so that there is not much pressure. The transporter also eliminates the need for to jack heavy loads before moving as it can clear the loads ranging from 25mm-65mm. This feature makes it a perfect product for professional use.

Airskate is also engaged in the supply of Sippel hitech electronic weigh-packer, which is equipment capable of handling chemical, powders, aggregates or granules in food industry and mining or cement grout industries. This equipment can contain cartons, small drums, tore bins ar plastic sacks.

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