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Sterile air for operating theatres

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article image Flushes out airborne contaminants while leaving the surgeon cool and comfortable.

VOKES Air, represented in Australia by Aircom Systems , has released the Optima CG sterile air distributor for use in operating theatres.

Post-operative infection can be the direct result of airborne biological contamination (ABC). Sub-micron-sized organisms and other contaminants can be carried on air currents from other rooms or brought in by staff.

During an operation the overall germ count in the room tends to rise, increasing the risk of infection.

The Optima CG is built into the ceiling of the operating theatre, sending 4000m3/h of sterile air down to the operating table at a speed of 0.25m/s, flushing out airborne contaminants while leaving the surgeon cool and comfortable.

Air from the air conditioning system is introduced to the pressure chamber through ducts and a HEPA filter. This filtered air is blown through two layers of a special fabric, producing a homogenous airflow that meets EN ISO 14644-1, with a maximum of 3520 particles per cubic metre where the particles are greater than 0.5µm in size. The low velocity of the air dispensed and the small number of parts in the CG keep operating costs down.

The air distributor box is round with a diameter of 2.4m and a height of 0.45m. Its shape reduces air volume, conserving more energy than rectangular or octagonal designs. The shape also gives a consistent airflow. It is made of sheet aluminium and is welded air tight. Its interior is lacquered to be resistant to disinfecting agents.

The filter frame is made from sheet-steel that is welded gas-tight and resistant to disinfecting agents. It has a connection for an air duct.

The sealing frame has an integrated testing groove which is fastened to the inside of the housing through a gas-tight polyurethane seal. A testing groove connection allows filter tightness to be checked. Users can choose the location of the filter housing.

The filter medium is constructed of folded fibreglass paper with thread range spacers. The filter frame is made of galvanised sheet-steel with an EPDM profile gasket.

The Optima CG is fitted with a round, IP65-rated, closed pan light with perforated plate reflectors. It also has passing ducts for surgical light tripods. The connection for the potential balance is on the outside of the air distributor box. It has a testing connection allowing aerosol concentrations upstream of the HEPA filter to be measured without removing the distributor frame.

The HEPA filter and the CG distributor frame must be mounted shortly before operating begins and after the final cleaning of the room has been completed.

For further information please contact Aircom Systems on 02 9773 1794.

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