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The Pronal range of Flat and 3D Leak Seals are used in many industrial applications including OEM and replacement parts for a host of applications including sealing, pressing, gripping, handling, isolating, plugging, flanging, testing, protection and verification operations. These versatile seals are available as readily stocked models with application specific and customisable options available.

Durable and flexible leakage seals
Pronal sealing technology is flexible with excellent benefits to industrial and construction processes including:

  • Easy adaption to the shapes in contact once pressurised
  • Plug leaks very rapidly, efficiently and in total safety
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Compact design

High mechanical resistance inflatable seals
Pronal seals are suitable for various types of equipment including:

  • Crushers, Conveyors, Hoppers, Presses, Vibrating Equipment
  • Silos and Materials Handling Equipment, Powder Handling
  • Primary Product and Process Engineering, Minerals Processing
  • Power Generation, Pipelines and Tanks

Pronal inflatable seals form a tight barrier between two surfaces, frequently applied in or between pipes, as an annular seal, and to pipes, tubes, conduits and machinery and installations involved in the industrial, mining, mineral processing, offshore, energy and safety sectors.

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