Firestone Short Stroke, High Force Airstroke™ and Airmount™ Single Acting Pneumatic Actuators and Isolators from Air Springs Supply

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Air Spring Supply's Firestone Airstroke™ actuators and Airmount™ isolators are tough and have flexible wall bellows engineered into different shapes to perform a multitude of tasks. Airstroke sizes are available from about 31mm diameter (2.2 in) to 940mm (37 in). The smaller sizes provide a wide range of forces required for conveyors and processing operations, while the larger sizes allow force up to 40,000kg each using only 7 bar (100psi) air pressure.

Single acting pneumatic actuators require no maintenance or lubrication
  • Simple design, compact installation and easy to use
  • Economical solution, the capital cost of an air spring is normally less than half that of an hydraulic cylinders or pneumatic cylinders with equivalent capabilities
  • Tolerates side loads and has a rapid cycling ability
  • Requires no lubrication or maintenance as these contain no internal moving parts to break, bend, cause internal scoring
Eliminates side loads caused by misalignment
  • Side load flexibility making it an ideal part for conveyor equipment
  • No sliding seal therefore no breakaway friction as with conventional cylinders
  • Unique capability of stroking through an arc without a clevis
  • Can be used instead of more expensive hydraulic systems, for example, when applying large forces or slower and bulkier conventional metal sleeve cylinders
Air Spring Supply's Firestone Airstroke™ actuators and Airmount™ isolators offer considerable performance and cost benefits for many high speed operations, they are ideal for applications requiring reliable performance in aggressive environments. Airstroke™ and Airmount™ actuators and isolators are part of an extensive range of air springs (also known as airbags) available throughout Australia. Air Springs Supply information and contact details



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