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The Firestone Marsh Mellow® Isolators or rubber springs from Air Springs Supply are compact and highly efficient isolators that eliminate damage and production interruptions caused by coil spring breakages. With greater deflection capabilities, these Firestone rubber mounts have high load carrying capacity. 

Effective solutions to vibration isolation problems
Firestone Marsh Mellow High Load Carrying Springs are engineered for immense strength and longevity with a hollow centres surrounded by a solid rubber core and fabric ply reinforced body to deliver constant vibration isolation with changing loads.
  • Carry a greater load than an all rubber part of the same modulus and dimensions at a superior natural frequency
  • Increased stability at higher percentages of compression
  • Corrosion resistant due to the reinforced construction of the rubber and fabric
  • Cost effective solution as Firestone Marsh Mellow® Isolators have higher load capability, resulting in fewer springs may be needed in an application
  • Unique construction delivers low natural spring frequencies to provide excellent isolation of forced frequencies in the range of 13-20-HZ (800-1200 cycles a minute)
  • Low maintenance as there are no moving parts and require no maintenance or lubrication

Eliminate downtime and potential damage to machinery

  • Vibration Control: Maximum load range now extending from 1.4 kN up to 88 kN (on special order) makes them particularly suitable for vibration isolation applications beneath bin hoppers, compressors, crushers, blowers, motors, HVAC installations and vibrating screens
  • Shock Absorbers: Make ideal shock absorbers for conveyors, steel products, timber products and other materials handling applications, articularly in mills and mines 
  • Low Cost: Ideal for applications in grimy and demanding environments such as mining and resources, bulk materials handling, manufacturing, metals and primary product processing
  • OH&S: Features vibration control, reducing structurally transmitted noise caused by vibration
  • Loads: Rugged rubber construction eliminates the problem with coil springs of cracking to allow fragments of metal to damage equipment
The Firestone Marsh Mellow® Isolators or spring mounting are simple and fast to install, using only very minimal space. These impressive Isolators provide the ideal solution to your vibration isolation requirements.
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